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'Sissies' headed to bigscreen [Jan. 17th, 2007|10:52 am]
For fans of DELTA BURKE!


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Shores to produce, direct film adaptation

Del Shores Prods. is partnering with Funny Boy Films to develop a feature from the stage production of "Southern Baptist Sissies" with Leslie Jordan and Delta Burke toplining.

Shores will produce with Kirkland Tibbels of Funny Boy and Jason Dottley of Del Shores Prods. with filming expected to begin in the spring. Shores will direct.

"Sissies" portrays four boys' experiences growing up gay in the Baptist Church. Other cast members from the play are attached, including Beth Grant, Rosemary Alexander, Scott Presley, Rich Delia and Newell Alexander.

Tibbels and Shores worked together on developing the upcoming half-hour television series based on Shores' play turned movie "Sordid Lives" for MTV's Logo channel.

The play premiered at Los Angeles' Zephyr Theatre in 2000 followed by a 10-month sold-out run. It won the GLAAD Award for outstanding production of the year.

"Sissies" is Shores' third theater production to be made into a feature following "Daddy's Dyin' .... Who's Got the Will?" He also penned three other plays - "Cheatin,'" "Daughters of the Lone Star State" and "The Trials andTribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife."

Funny Boy, founded in 2002 to develop, produce, and finance gay and lesbian entertainment , has produced "Latter Days" and "Adam & Steve."